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When you are redesigning your house, one of the most important things that you need to look at is the way that you use glass within your property.

Most homeowners don’t even consider how much they use glass, from windows to mirrors to shower screens, all of the services use different types of glass to do their job.

If you are planning a redesign, then you need to find someone to make you customised glass pieces for your Cairns property redesign, such as local firm Interglaze.

Cut to fit your home

At least part of the purpose of a redesign of the property is to give it unique features that will make it stand out from its surroundings.

If you want to change up the look of your home, then having bespoke glass cut to a particular design can allow you to do more with space, or add style to what would otherwise be just a boring location.

Customise shower screens

It has become increasingly popular for homeowners to add personality to their bathrooms with a customised shower screen. Not only does this allow you greater flexibility about the position of your shower – so you will no longer be forced to position in a corner to allow the door to fit into the space.

You can also add features such as a wave or a curl in order to change the appearance of the finished shower screen, making it a feature of the room.

Adding other customised glasses

Along with simply cutting your glass to fit the size required, Interglaze can also add other features, such as frosting, or tempered glass.

The latter increases the safety of the glass features, and is important for showers, for mirrors, and for glass partitions in rooms.

If you want any part of your glass feature to be customised, then our experienced glaziers can help you to get the features that you want for your renovation design.

Performing quick repairs

Customised glass is also extremely important if you wish to perform simple repairs in your property. You may discover, for example that you need to replace a broken pantry window in your home, and glass is no longer cut to fit the size of window that you have.

We can easily help you by customising the glass, so you get the perfect shape.

Reach out to us today

When you are looking for customised glass experts in Cairns, Interglaze are here to help you.

We can customise any glass shaped that you require, so discuss your needs with us by calling 07-4054-3417 now.


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